Spotlight on Sunset

As a girl from Sunset Park I definitely noticed that a lot of nice things just “skipped” my neighborhood. For restaurant recommendations people always suggest places in Bay Ridge or Park Slope. When parents talk about good schools and quality education they mention District 20 (Bay Ridge) or District 15 (the Park Slope schools). When college students ask about cute coffee shops where they can linger, enjoy a latte incessantly check/update Facebook stati read or study, they’re referred to Bay Ridge or Park Slope. Want a nice park? Owl’s Head or Prospect? In the market for a brownstone? Limestone?  Park Slope is notorious and Bay Ridge is just as good. It’s as if Sunset simply serves as a conduit to get from point A (Bay Ridge) to point B (Park Slope) and yet, all of these things exist in Sunset too. Its been sorely overlooked.

Cafe Zona Sur is slated to change that a little bit and I hope that other small business owners follow suit. Originally from Sunset Park, the owners have worked in the restaurant industry in Greenwich Village. They’re trying to “bring a little East Village style to the neighborhood”.

I am 100% in support of this locally-run, small business operated by a family indigenous to the ‘hood. This is urban growth at its finest and it makes me excited for the trailblazers who see the potential in this charming and lovely little neighborhood.


A sunset in Sunset Park, from

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About Maya

I am a Brooklyn girl, born and bred. I enjoy vintage items, historical houses, tin ceilings and wooden floors that creak. I like to explore, learn new things, laugh and be silly. I'm simply a girl in the world and this is my Brooklyn story.
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10 Responses to Spotlight on Sunset

  1. Tacey B. says:

    I need to get to that nabe when it gets a bit warmer… I hung out in Park Slope and Bay Ridge, indeed overlooking your nabe … Thanks for reminder!

  2. Maya says:

    Please do. Even better, blog about it! Tacos Matamoros makes excellent Mexican food. Sunset Bagels is my favorite for a bacon, egg & cheese on a whole wheat everything bagel with an iced coffee on the side. Charlie’s is right across the street and goddamnit if they don’t make one of the best slices in Brooklyn.

    And if you want brownstones? Get off the avenue a bit and walk between 5th and 6th. These are tremendous houses with the same historical details you find in Park Slope for a significantly lower price.

    Finally, did you know that there is an Olympic sized pool right inside the park? And it’s FREE! I can go on and on, but I encourage you to experience these sights for yourself :-)

    BTW, thanks for reading!

  3. Norma says:

    I always joke that if you search for anything in Brooklyn on Google maps, there will be a hole on the map that is Sunset Park. Still, we love it!

  4. This is great for April+ I as it’s once of the neighborhoods we’re considering in our Post Manhattan lives starting end March.


  5. Rob says:

    Sunset Park is going to explode soon with the additional of new office space in the garment manufacturing buildings that are being rezoned. Not only is Sunset not going to be a conduit it may be the place where Park Slope and Bay Ridge go to do their business. Take a look at Industry City just to get an I idea where I think the neighborhood is headed:
    The office space will then being in retailer who will look to market to the professionals occupying these new spaces. It’s just a matter of time Maya, one day you will say “I wish I had my old Sunset Park back.”

    • Maya says:

      You’re coming from the perspective of a life-long Park Slope-ian who disdains hipsters. I look at it from the lens that Sunset is undervalued and under-appreciated. I don’t want it to become gentrified and loose it’s culture and charm but I think a happy medium of young, new blood (new business) paired with tradition (Mexican, Domincan, Central American culture) can make for a happy and harmonious neighborhood. I didn’t say more yuppies need to move in, I am simply saying that these folks are FROM Sunset and opening up shop there (instead of park slope or bay ridge or “insert attractive neighborhood here”).

      I’m happy to see progress in my neighborhood and I don’t think it has to be at the cost of it’s current inhabitants. The two can co-exist.

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