Spotted in Gowanus: The Bahche, A Mediterranean Garden.


Husband and I are getting to know our local bars and restaurants even better as a result of our kitchen’s gut renovation (read: added expense). While walking around the neighborhood we stumbled upon a beautiful, open café called The Bahche, on 7th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue in Gowanus.



The Bahche is a Mediterranean cafe, restaurant and pâtisserie boasting an open courtyard with ample seating space, an indoor restaurant with a second floor and small couches for intimate conversation and lounging. I think I even spotted a small playroom for children with kid friendly TV shows (and soundproof walls?).




Surrounded by beautiful exposed brick walls, black steel beams, polished cement flooring, hanging pendants and spot lighting, it’s open, spacious and loft-like. There’s a skylight right in the middle allowing the sun to pour it’s rays right into this industrial Gowanus garden, warming the space physically while providing a glow, visually.

20130928_152007Although Bahche has an industrial feel to it, it’s the people who provide the real warmth. The chef brought out our meal personally and when the waitress came back to check in on us, she beamed a heartfelt smile when we told her the food was delicious.

20130928_151956The Bahche is a lovely family-owned restaurant that is a perfect way to spend your afternoon on a sunny day in Gowanus.

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About Maya

I am a Brooklyn girl, born and bred. I enjoy vintage items, historical houses, tin ceilings and wooden floors that creak. I like to explore, learn new things, laugh and be silly. I'm simply a girl in the world and this is my Brooklyn story.
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3 Responses to Spotted in Gowanus: The Bahche, A Mediterranean Garden.

  1. Vicki says:

    Ate there this weekend and loved it. What a beautiful place! They need more publicity so people will know they are there.

  2. Christian says:

    Thanks for the lovely post Maya! We now have twitter at The Bahche, and soon will have a website up and running! Follow us @thebahchecafe to stay up to date with our changes and additions :)

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