All Star Team – Reviews

I really have to take a post to recognize the star-studded crew that helped Beau and I purchase our first home. If you are even thinking about buying something in Brooklyn, I would highly, highly recommend reaching out to these people. They are professional, hard-working, ethical and extremely talented in their own right. I will start with the realtor.

Heather McMaster is an associate broker at Corcoran. She represented the seller in this process and served as a dual agent since we had no realtor working with us. Heather was phenomenal in this process and treated us with the utmost respect and professionalism. She answered her phone calls, e-mails and texts within minutes, not hours, of sending them. She always made herself available to us and helped us by clearly explaining the buying process from all angles. Heather’s colleague, Mary Klein, was always a true pleasure to work with. She was willing to work with us and show us the house as many times as we wanted to. We came back with friends, family and prospective tenants and each time Mary adjusted her schedule to meet our needs. I am utterly grateful for their professionalism and tact in dealing with us and ensuring that we were always happy.

Kurt Roth is a real estate attorney with Dickler & Roth, LLP. We met with him at a bar one night to interview him before we decided to hire him. It’s a good idea to meet with three or four different people before you ultimately decide on who to hire. Kurt had stellar reviews online from respectable websites that Beau and I frequent. Also, after meeting him you see what a laid back, cool guy he is. Add to that his years of experience and the decision was really easy.

Specifically, Kurt was instrumental in explaining our contract to us and translated the legalese into English. Before the closing, he worked with the sellers attorney and added clauses to protect our best interests. At the closing, he explained every single document that we were signing and why it was important. I never once felt clueless and always had a clear understanding of what the paperwork meant. I highly recommend Kurt as a real estate attorney for anyone wishing to purchase a property in Brooklyn. If we ever buy again, I’m keeping Kurt on speed dial 🙂

Last but not least we have our mortgage broker, Adam Dahill. We dubbed Adam “The Magic Man” because he gets shit done. From previous posts you know that we went through the FHA. Rumors abound that the FHA route takes at least five months from contract to closing and that FHA loans are harder to get approved.


Adam, along with his team Roy Woolf and Alesia Khan, took us from contract to closing in 41 days. This is unheard of in traditional FHA closings but Adam and his team made it happen. They worked around the clock to send us documentation that we needed and we, in turn, worked diligently to get them their information ASAP. If we e-mailed Roy at 11:00pm on a Friday night, we had a response by midnight. When we asked for documents to be e-mailed to us we always had them before the end of the business day.

I was so impressed by how accessible they were. Moreover, I love the fact that they’re young and easy going which made writing and receiving emails feel like fun and not daunting “paperwork”.

Adam Dahill is a boss and his team members Roy & Alesia are bosses right up there with him. From his extensive knowledge about Brooklyn and his track record for closings with the FHA, I would highly recommend Adam as your mortgage broker. He can be reached at


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