A little paint goes a long way

It’s very stimulating to take a concept you have for your household and bring it from thought to fruition. After ruminating over color palettes, we decided to paint our place in order to give it a fresh new look. Something that would add a personal touch! 🙂

We love, love, love the work Jose did with our tenant’s apartment so much that we hired him to paint our duplex. As with the tenant’s place our walls were a little uneven. They too, needed plastering/compounding before painting.

We are trying to keep everything on a very low budget. After all, we did just buy the place and have the rest of our lives to work on it. We felt like prioritizing where a little bit of money would go a long way. Evening the walls out (plaster & compound) and a fresh, new look (painting) are two easy ways to give the place a different feel without breaking the bank.

Living room before and after:

The color I chose for the walls is Stonington Gray from the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. The trim was painted in White Dove (also BM). I liked the idea of gray walls, as opposed to the usual beige or off white. Gray is really versatile and blends well with other colors. It’s a safe neutral to use and still adds nice color to a space.

Here is another view. The side of the staircase was painted to match the trim. Very happy with the results so far.

This closet is painted in Covington Gray, also BM Historical. It serves as an accent wall, although the difference is very subtle. I was trying to go for a darker shade of gray to stay within the same family of color. It would have been nice for it to be slightly darker, but I still really love the color. The gray’s are so soothing.

Here is an alternate view of the living room. I love how soft the looks is. It’s really cozy and inviting, just what I was going for 🙂

The side of the staircase was painted to match the trim. It looks quite historical. We’re in love with the new look. We still need to re-sand, re-stain and paint the risers white.

All in all, we are very happy with the work that was done. Our new living space is cozy, comfy and warm. Our guests have said that it feels like a calming

and soothing environment. I’d like to start decorating with accents of either yellow, pale gold, mauve or burnt orange.


About Maya

I like words like "labyrinthian," "kerfuffle," and "serendipitous" because they're mellifluous. I love poetry, pumpkin ales, sangria, long summer days, Fall foliage, going out of my way to step on crunchy leaves in October, live music, Jazz, Salsa dancing, theater, film (foreign and indie), the arts (myriad varieties), dance (in theory and practice) and any place where I can sit outdoors and take it all in.
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3 Responses to A little paint goes a long way

  1. tina says:

    Love the new look. It looks brighter and so crisp .. yet soft like you said. Cant wait to come visit again <3!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Looks great Maya! I love the idea of yellow. Yellow and gray are an awesome color combo and very chic. See you sooon!

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