Week One: Hot Yoga Challenge

It’s day five of hot yoga and after today’s class I thought to myself what did I sign up for? Instead of getting easier it’s harder! Every single day I learn something new about each asana (a body position within the practice of yoga). I am learning to keep my eyes on myself and not let them wander (which is so tempting!) I learn to flex muscles, hold myself in place, suck my belly in, keep my eyes open, focus and breathe. I hone in on the pain and push myself further, learning about my body in all of the 25 distinct poses. I invigorate and awaken muscles I never knew I had. I lengthen and strengthen my core.

I am learning, through my practice, how incredibly strong the mind is. Something will bother you only if you give it permission to. Discipline and will power is required to refrain from listening to the urge to wipe yourself down or scratch an itch. Even though I find myself caving in every now and again, I am building my will every time I resist the urge. Sometimes the 105 degree temp gets to me but I focus on myself and my breathing to push that thought out of my mind. Otherwise, I just think I am going to die, right there on my yoga mat in my own pool of sweat (and tears?)

I have fallen in love with this practice and am making a commitment to myself that I will continue this beautiful, self-exploration through yoga for the rest of my life. As painful and difficult as each day might feel I never, ever regret having taken on this challenge.



About Maya

I like words like "labyrinthian," "kerfuffle," and "serendipitous" because they're mellifluous. I love poetry, pumpkin ales, sangria, long summer days, Fall foliage, going out of my way to step on crunchy leaves in October, live music, Jazz, Salsa dancing, theater, film (foreign and indie), the arts (myriad varieties), dance (in theory and practice) and any place where I can sit outdoors and take it all in.
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One Response to Week One: Hot Yoga Challenge

  1. Tacey says:

    It is crazy addicting, isn’t it? I stopped for a while and wanting to get back into it, but I don’t love the most convenient studio which is in Park Slope. Would love to hear more about your experience. We should totally get together when school is out!

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