Brooklyn Kitchen Remodel: Gutting

The kitchen is entirely gutted now with joists, studs and beams exposed. The gutting process was estimated to be 3 days and we are now going on day 6. It’s quite lovely. As with any home demolition/construction/improvement project the estimates tend to be on the conservative side. It’s a safe bet to double any time frame your contractor gives you and keep all your local restaurants on speed dial.

Here is a view of the kitchen standing from where my living room used to be. Right down to the original plywood.


Here is a view of our former living room, although it’s not very life-like anymore. It’s a dead room (for now).

IMG_20130911_180530The beams are in better condition than we anticipated, which is great because it saves us money and our contractor time. The original plywood also looks like it’s in good shape in the living room however the kitchen plywood needs to be replaced due to old water damage we repaired when we first bought the house. Ahh the joys of home ownership!

Here is a panoramic picture of both rooms, because I recently learned this feature on my cell phone and I now take all my pictures in this mode.

20130916_174907It’s a bit blurry (I never said I was good at it) but you get the idea of what’s going on here.


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One Response to Brooklyn Kitchen Remodel: Gutting

  1. Brad says:

    Good luck! It will be so worth it when it’s done.

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