Brazilian Terrain: An Expedition

Brazil lost to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals today (read: crushed, destroyed, obliterated). It was sad to see them go, nevertheless, it sparked a memory for me from the last time I was there.

At a mere 21 years old and visiting a strange land, I was with a group of American foreign exchange students. I had no camera and thus, I do not have any photographs to relive those memories, however, I did write about the exchanges I had.

It gave me a good chuckle to stumble upon this story (written in an old blog from college). In many ways, I am the same crazy girl from my youth: filled with wonder, excitement and an insatiable zest for life. In other ways, I’ve grown and maturated from the adventures I had in the springtime of life. Memory lane can be so fun, can’t it? This is my account (exactly ten years old!) of being a wanderlust; young and carefree, in Brazil.

Brasilian Terrain: An Expedition  

If a girl were to find herself single, unstimulated and bored; unfocused with no clearly delineated path I would advise that girl to travel. I would encourage her to visit foreign lands, make friends with strange people and do like the locals do in whatever city she plants herself in. If not for the sheer cultural, intellectual and growth aspect of travel, then I would tell her to do it for the pure delight of foreign men!

There is something so positively seductive about communication without a complete comprehension of each others native tongue. Non-verbal forms of communicating can be just as, if not more so, powerful. A gentle smile, a sensuous wink, or a playful caressing on the small of your back are enough to stimulate a woman more than any verbal compliment could desire. Seduction is not limited to language at all. It is the universal tongue; spoken with and understood by all.

Let’s start with Giuseppe. The name in and of itself, unheard of to me except in folklore and fairy tales. A beautiful Italian man with dark butter soft like skin that had a patina like leather. His intense hazel eyes and smile were enough to make you feel warm in cool waters. Giuseppe was a geologist who studied in Southern Italy visiting Brazil on holiday … the hottest geologist I´d ever seen…well, the only one besides my freshman year professor. I’ll never look at metamorphic rocks the same way again 🙂

Next, there was Marcus. He hailed from Northern Italy. Beautiful eyes that were greenish-bluish with a ring of yellow around the iris. Marcus had dark blonde hair and the prettiest set of teeth God could bless a good man with. He seemed to be very knowledgable about Brazil for his first visit and could converse all about the politics, race relations and geography of it’s terrain. Marcus promised to give me a tour of Venice, should I ever find myself in the romantic city. Shall keep you posted on that one. Perhaps a trip to Italy is next on the itinerary?

The next stop was in the city of Salvador de Bahia. The city of Salvador is known for their outdoor parties, club life and general love of having fun for it’s inhabitants. The perfect vacation destination for a single girl her 20’s, thirsty to explore the world! On one particular night I ended up in Club Cancun which introduced me to the cutest bartender in the state of Bahia. We never muttered a word, so I shall refer to him as Nameless, a very befitting pseudonym. Nameless was the tall, dark and handsome type. Very latin-looking with a lean physique, yet still carefully defined by muscle. Nameless was cute in a boyish sense but manly enough to exude massive sex appeal. Nameless was the tequila boy for me that evening (I vow that I will never look at tequila the same way again!) and he was responsible for pouring shots for already inebriated women trusting that, with him, they are in good hands. And mighty good hands they were!

What is the best part of that night you ask?

A chair is pulled up to the middle of the dance floor right in the midst of all the club-goers grooving and jiving to the DJ pumping his music. My two friends nudge me forward to sit in the seat. Nameless Tequila Boy is looking at me while holding down the wooden chair, motioning me with his eyes and come hither stare. I sense a chill down my spine.

Of course, me being the shy and reserved girl that I am, I still do not budge so my two friends playfully, yet aggressively, pushed me into the middle of the dancefloor and right in front of the seat. There was no turning back. Tequila boy locks eyes with mine and he smiles – I think I’m in love– he gives me his hand to seat me down and I reach out and grab it while gingerly placing my derriere in the chair . At this point, the entire club is watching me to see what happens next. A very attractive woman walks over and stands next to Tequila Boy, who proceeds to hold a funnel up to my face. He touches my chin and I open my mouth, while the beautiful Brazilian beauty begins to pour tequila into the funnel and down my throat.


I chugged for what felt like minutes, which was in actuality a whole five hot seconds. Tequila boy then straddles me by putting his left and right leg over my two tightly pressed thighs and sits firmly on my lap. He proceeds to take a black handkerchief out of his back pocket and loosely ties my hands together. The crowd roars — they are loving every minute of the experience. He then pulls out a second black handkerchief, to their delight, and begins to place it around my eyes to blindfold me. I can not see a thing. My vision goes black. Next, he puts his hand over my left and right ear and so carefully and slowly starts to spin my head in a circular motion. At this point, Brazilian Beauty standing next to him starts twirling my chair around and around, first at a steady pace and then spinning it faster and faster. I see darkness, but I can hear a loud whistle being blown in the background. The whistle appears to be getting closer and closer to me. The spinning continues (I, still blindfolded) while the noise from the whistle gets louder and louder indicating it is getting closer to me. The whistle is now masking the chanting that is coming from the crowd surrounding me.


About Maya

I like words like "labyrinthian," "kerfuffle," and "serendipitous" because they're mellifluous. I love poetry, pumpkin ales, sangria, long summer days, Fall foliage, going out of my way to step on crunchy leaves in October, live music, Jazz, Salsa dancing, theater, film (foreign and indie), the arts (myriad varieties), dance (in theory and practice) and any place where I can sit outdoors and take it all in.
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