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I like words like "labyrinthian," "kerfuffle," and "serendipitous" because they're mellifluous. I love poetry, pumpkin ales, sangria, long summer days, Fall foliage, going out of my way to step on crunchy leaves in October, live music, Jazz, Salsa dancing, theater, film (foreign and indie), the arts (myriad varieties), dance (in theory and practice) and any place where I can sit outdoors and take it all in.

Self-Determination Termination: A Haiku

Denouement; halt. Bidding bittersweet adieu.  Self-determinate.    Advertisements

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Dewy Days Ahead: A Haiku

Beginning springs forth A newness is in the air  Autumn leaves await

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Do you want to go to Oz?

Accept the change because you deny  Waiting for a different pattern to emerge;  It’s still there, in all of it’s recognizable glory And it speaks to me in tongues.    Why must you ask the same questions of yourself  Ad … Continue reading

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Louisiana Song

Abundant French verandas with their wrought iron swivel Locomotive trolleys full steam ahead People in motion talking their drivel  Ain’t no better place they’d wanna be instead   Trumpets blare from street corners Crooning for cash  Deep in their eyes revealing mourners  Poignant about … Continue reading

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New Orleans, Louisiana: Day 2, 3 & 4

Travel only fuels my wanderlust even more. The same way people develop addictions that provide a temporary high, traveling to different cities provides that same kind of “life-high” for me. It’s something difficult to capture because it’s fluid; a state of … Continue reading

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“What We Play is Life” – Louis

Husband and I are vacationing in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ll let the pictures do the talking of our walking tour last night. We started on Bourbon Street, people watching and careening in and out of bars. We ended up at the … Continue reading

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