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Louisiana Song

Abundant French verandas with their wrought iron swivel Locomotive trolleys full steam ahead People in motion talking their drivel  Ain’t no better place they’d wanna be instead   Trumpets blare from street corners Crooning for cash  Deep in their eyes revealing mourners  Poignant about … Continue reading

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Kiner Man and Maya Girl Part Three: The Cultural Expedition Continues

I brought Kiner to see Marvel Universe at Barclay’s Center on Friday night and the kid just about lost it. He lost it in the best sense of that phrase. Though not a parent myself, it gave me a glimpse into … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Kiner Man: Week Two

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Kiner, my nephew whom you met last week, and I continue our adventures in the great City of Gotham. He loves superheroes so his Uncle Gui dubbed him Kiner Man. Since every super hero needs a side kick I am … Continue reading

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It’s my day off today and I am home being super lazy studying animal behavior. If I had to assign my cats a psychological diagnosis they are paranoid schizophrenics. They experience auditory hallucinations, delusions and vacillate between long periods of inactivity and small bursts of … Continue reading

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50 Reasons Why The Unhappy New York Article Is Bull$*#^!

Laura Argintar published this article on Elite Daily titled “50 Reasons That Prove Why New York Is Actually The Unhappiest City In America”. I took some time to repudiate her claims. As a life-long, native New Yorker – I felt it necessary. 1. … Continue reading

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Why I love New York: Nighttime Strolls Amidst City Lights

The view from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is crisp this evening. All I had was my cell phone to capture a few shots. This is one of my absolute favorite places in the world. I feel so lucky to live here. I love … Continue reading

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